Game Town

Game Town is the newest NoNoComedy production, a hilarious single-camera sitcom brought to life by writer Vito Gesualdi and director Zak Stoltz. In it’s first day the pilot was seen by over 10,000 people, buzz spreading rapidly across social networks, fans of smart and original comedy demanding a second episode. NoNoComedy is currently looking for a producer interested in taking this series to the next level, contact for details.

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Synopsis: After losing both his company and fiance to a former business partner, Michael Clark takes a job at GameTown Studios, struggling to return the former gaming juggernaut to glory. Unfortunately, most of his time is spent managing the bizarre assortment of nerds working there, including his out-of-touch boss, an excitable eight-year-old boy in the body of a man, and a sexually-awkward art director too busy drawing erotic fantasy creatures to notice Mike’s obvious affections. Together they’ll fend off sweaty game-convention attendees, hostile Japanese investors, and constant attacks from their psychopathic rival, proving to the world just what this little company is capable of.

Written and Created by Vito Gesualdi
Directed and Edited by Zak Stoltz (

Tom Clark as Michael
Heather Higginbotham as Heather
Vito Gesualdi as Craig
Nate Gray as Pik
Corey MacIntosh as Dale Rogers
Wesley Rice as The Boss
Craig C. Chen as Big Jim
Nathan Wellman as Mingus

Original Music by
Aaron Gentry
Azwan Badruzaman

Alex Coffey
Elizabeth Hodgman

Original Artwork by Jonathan Kim

Special Thanks
Shane Boland
Chris Ward
CW Architects
Comics vs. Toys
Max Karson
Jesse Reffsin

Songs we used without permission
Cannibal Corpse – “Make Them Suffer”
King Kong & D Jungle Girls – “Boom Boom Dollar”
Mudvayne – “Dig”
Nickelback – “Lullaby”
The Offspring – “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”